We regroup here resources that can be used to learn more about green computing.

If you just want a summary of what you can do today, check out our Ten Simple Rules article!

The carbon footprint of computational biology, an EMBL-EBI training webinar.

A training webinar with EMBL-EBI

We did a webinar with EMBL-EBI’s training team, it’s still available with the slides!

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Other resources available online

  • You can check the carbon intensity of a location live on electricitymaps.com.
  • To tackle the carbon footprint of “wet” labs, there is the LEAF framework.
  • The 1point5 lab initiative is an international, cross-disciplinary collective of French academics who share a common goal: to better understand and reduce the environmental impact of research.
  • Curious about the energy usage of Bitcoin? There is a tool for that here.