:tada: The Green Algorithms project has won the 2024 Susannah Boddie Impact of the Year Award at the Health Data Research UK annual conference! “The panel applauded the work’s clear impact on policy in a short time frame. The panel were impressed by the direct and tangible environmental impacts of these efforts, and recognised the pioneering role of this collaborative effort in raising awareness and providing tools for carbon footprint estimation in computational research.”

:mega: We are starting a Community of Practice around Envrionmentally Sustainable Computational Science! Interested in joining it or just seeing how this goes? Just fill in this form.

:mega: New publication! “GREENER principles for environmentally sustainable computational science”. We have just released a Perspective in Nature Computational Science which sets out fundamental principles for environmentally sustainable computational science (acronym GREENER), as well as guidance for best practices moving forward. The work was a collaboration with major stakeholders such as HDR-UK, EMBL-EBI, Wellcome and UKRI. [link]

The Green Algorithms project aims at promoting more environmentally sustainable computational science. It regroups calculators that researchers can use to estimate the carbon footprint of their projects, tips on how to be more environmentally friendly, training material, past talks etc.

Screenshot of the green algorithms calculator.

The online calculator

A tool to easily estimate the carbon footprint of a computation.

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Screenshot of the green algorithms HPC tool.

Green Algorithms 4 HPC

A tool that calculates the carbon footprint of all computations run on an HPC platform.

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Tips for green computing

Resources to move towards more sustainable computing.

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Get in touch

You can reach out by email at green.algorithms(at)gmail.com.

For any technical issues with one of the tools, either email or open an issue on the corresponding GitHub.

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