Installing GA4HPC

How to install it?

The script only needs to be installed once on a cluster, check first that someone else hasn’t installed it yet!

  1. Clone the GitHub repository in a shared directory on your cluster:
     cd the_shared_directory
     git clone
  2. Edit to load the module enabling python3 ... to load Python 3.7 or greater (the name of the module depends on your server).

  3. Make the bash script executable:
     chmod +x the_shared_directory/GreenAlgorithms4HPC/
  4. Edit cluster_info.yaml to plug in the values corresponding to the hardware specs of your cluster. You can find a lot of useful values on the online calculator GitHub.

  5. Run the script a first time. It will check that the correct version of python is used and will create the virtualenv with the required packages, based on requirements.txt: shell script the_shared_directory/GreenAlgorithms4HPC/

How to update the tool when a new version of the tool is released

More elegant solutions welcome! Discussion here.

⚠️ Make sure you have saved your custom version of cluster_info.yaml and the module loading step of

  • git reset --hard To remove local changes to files (hence the need for a backup!)
  • git pull
  • Update cluster_info.yaml and with the details needed for your cluster.
  • chmod +x to make it executable again
  • Test